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Equal opportunities - but how?

There are considerable inequalities of opportunity in Switzerland's education system. It is particularly difficult for children from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve a higher level of education than their parents. Current statistics from the Federal Statistical Office show that the level of education is mostly passed on from parents to their children. Only 27 percent of children from less privileged families choose to study at university, compared to 70 percent of children from academic families.
Socioeconomic background is the main cause of inequalities in the education system. It influences a child's educational trajectory and leads to different degrees depending on social class. Nowadays, wealthy families in particular have the opportunity to provide private tutoring for their children. In contrast, financially disadvantaged families often lack the means to afford this. For more equal opportunities, therefore, there is a need for support offers for low-income families. This is where the beraber association comes in, so that all children and young people have access to inexpensive tutoring. We offer tutoring for children and adolescents at all school levels. We focus on individual support and the promotion of independent learning.

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