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What does the organization beraber do?

We offer remedial teaching for children and teenagers with foreign backgrounds. The ages of our students are between 10 and 20 years. We instruct at all school levels. In addition to supporting our students in school matters we assist in resolving social problems and support them in their search for jobs as well as decisions about further education. 
Our goal is to help our students to integrate and to find a place in society.

Who are the teachers?

beraber hires university or technical college students to teach. We attempt to find the appropriate teacher for each of the students that come to us in order to efficiently help with their individual difficulties.

What do lessons at beraber cost?

beraber offers individual instruction or teaching of two students together (brothers and sisters or students in the same grade with similar learning difficulties). We offer a maximum of two hours teaching a week per student. Individual teaching costs 20 Swiss francs per hour, teaching of two students together is 12.50 Swiss francs per child per hour.

Where does the teaching take place?

Normally we teach the students at their home. Some teachers prefer to teach at their own place of residence. In any case, the location of teaching will be discussed with the parents.

Where can you register?

The students can register on --> click on ‘Registration’ --> choose ‘register as student’

What happens after the online registration?

As soon as a teacher for your child has been found we will contact you and invite you to an interview in our office,

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